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St Jude’s is an Evangelical Anglican Church and its various services provide a range of worship styles to encourage all members of the community and to spread the message of the gospel. In addition to our regular worship services, we provide special services for Thanksgivings, Weddings and Funerals.
If you are attending any service at St Jude’s, you may find it helpful to view our Finding Us and our facilities pages.



A Service of Thanksgiving for an Infant

We believe you and your family matter to God and he wants you as a family to know and put your trust in him. We are more than happy to offer A Service of Thanksgiving for the birth of your child. You can read about this service below. We want to encourage you in your commitment to your child.

Thanksgiving Service is designed for people who are not members of the church and do not profess a faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. In the service we do acknowledge God’s gift of life and seek his blessing on their child and thank him for the birth of your child. Your child is appropriately named in the presence of family, godparents and friends, we pray for God’s blessing on your child as he or she grows up in His world and for His guidance in your role as parents. Parents and godparents receive a certificate to remember the special occasion.

Infant Baptism Services

Water baptism is only offered to people who profess faith in Christ and are attending church regularly, and to the children of such believers. Regular church attendance is one of the normal expressions of the true Christian life. Therefore, we do not offer baptism to adults, nor their children, who are not attending church regularly. (Likewise for subsequent children, even if an earlier child was baptised, but the family hasn’t attended regularly since.)

Wanting baptism for your child without going to church, is a bit like asking to wearing a life guards’ uniform at your local pool when you have never been a member of the swimming club nor been trained as a life guard. It would be wrong to say you are a life guard at the pool, if you aren’t actually part of the running of the swimming pool.

Our ministers are always happy to discuss your child’s Thanksgiving service with you. Please call 02 4862 4383 or Contact Us for an appointment.

As an Anglican church we also offer adults who are regular members of the church and profess Jesus Christ as Lord baptism and baptism by immersion.


In the midst of our busy church life we only conduct weddings for members of St Jude’s, local residents, or those with other close connections to the parish. If you do have a connection to St Jude’s or are a local resident and you would like to make a wedding enquiry, then please phone our office or complete a Contact Us form. 


Understandably, funerals are always occasions of great emotion and grief.

Our Anglican service is designed to offer comfort – allow for an element of funeral_2thanksgiving and for personal contributions from the family if desired. It also allows us to consider more deeply the Christian faith and the hope that we have in the risen Lord Jesus.

Parish ministers are always on hand to visit and to talk with you about the necessary arrangements

Please phone our office 02 4862 4383 for inquiries or Contact Us.