38 Bendooley Street Bowral Sunday services are now all online

Dear friends,

Following the latest restrictions put in place by the government this morning, and heeding the advice of Bishop Peter Hayward, I have made the decision that WE WILL SUSPEND OUR SUNDAY SERVICES FOR THIS WEEKEND.

In the context of the COVID-19 public health emergency, this is the right and most loving course for us to take as we care for each other, particularly the most vulnerable in our church and community.

It is important for us to recognise that this is not ‘cancelling church’, for not even the gates of hell can overcome the church, which Christ himself is building and guarding. And so even as we are forced not to gather in our normal way we still remain the church – the body of Christ, united to him in the Spirit, and united with one another in faith, hope and love. Of course, we will need to find new and creative ways to express that unity and love together over the coming time.

This Sunday a service will be available online, including prayers, bible readings, and the sermon on Luke 18 as planned. If the situation continues over the coming weeks, this online church gathering will be further refined and will be an important part of our life together as a church during this unusual time. We will be planning different ways to continue to connect and engage members of our church who are not online. We are also considering ways to continue holding some public services in the weeks ahead, bearing in mind government restrictions, physical distancing requirements, and our duty to love the vulnerable. However, this Sunday all services will be suspended.

I have arranged for further communication over the coming days on a range of important topics

  • Kate will explain plans for how we will continue to care for each other at this time
  • Graham will brief our Connect Group leaders on plans moving forward
  • Matt and Jaryd will share tools and ideas for how parents and carers can continue to disciple children and youth
  • The Wardens will let us know how offertory and finances will need to proceed

Please do be patient with all those at church making decisions and changing plans in a rapidly developing context. We will be communicating frequently over this time, so please do stay tuned.

Within our church we have a range of different views on the current crisis, and will experience varying levels of anxiety, and so I encourage us all to seek to continue to serve one another in love, gentleness and kindness. These are testing times, but the Lord is still on his throne, and our hope is unfailing.

My prayer is that we will look back on this time and each be proud of the way we acted with godly integrity and Christian love, and emerge from this with a deeper trust in Jesus.

In Christian Fellowship