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Our Facilities


St Jude’s is blessed to have a large property which includes an iconic two storied Rectory built in 1880, a beautiful Church building constructed in 1886 and a Sunday School Hall of similar vintage. There are extensive grounds incorporating an historic cemetery all set off with beautiful deciduous trees.

The new entrance foyer at St Jude'sHowever, these facilities did not meet the demands of a modern church family and St Jude’s has recently undertaken a significant re-development project to serve the needs of a growing and evolving Christian community well into the foreseeable future.

It takes into consideration the flow of people throughout the complex, including those in wheel chairs, and the needs of all ages throughout the complex.  It is functional, and sensitive to the heritage and environmental issues. Importantly, it will meet the ministry needs of St Jude’s well into the future.

Key features of the new design are listed below.

Computer generated visualisation of the existing and new buildings with the roof removed to show the internal layout of the various spaces.

Computer generated visualisation of the pre-existing and new buildings with the roof removed to show the internal layout of the various spaces.

  • A multipurpose auditorium to facilitate Contemporary Church Services of up to 250 people
  • A dedicated children’s and youth area with specialist facilities such as wet craft area, children’s toilets and storage.
  • A central lounge and reception area adjacent to the main entrance. This is the meeting hub and focal point of the whole complex with a welcoming stone gas fireplace to gather around.
  • A suite of offices for ministers and administration.
  • The church,auditorium, hall and the new structure are all linked together and under cover, minimising exposure to the elements.
  • A deck and children’s play area, all meeting modern safety standards.
  • A much larger and up-to-date kitchen.
  • Fellowship and meeting rooms.
  • Parking for up to 80 cars, with one way vehicle flow.

You are warmly invited to visit our new buildings, however if you contact us first we can arrange a warm welcome and tour of the complex.